Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Princess Sofia!

"Once upon a time" (as all fairy tales begin with once upon a time), six years ago to be exact, in a tiny kingdom where my husband reigns as King and I as Queen, a precious little princess was born.

Taken on her 5th birthday

Her birth was highly anticipated and great joy enveloped our little kingdom as she was an unexpected but very welcome blessing.  I was no longer considered a young mother by any standard, at an age associated with high-risk pregnancy (gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia among the possible complications).  Thankfully, throughout the 9-month stretch, I experienced nary a problem, having normal blood sugar and blood pressure levels, with the exception of occasional morning sickness in the early days. 

However, two weeks before her due date, I requested that she be delivered.  With all the twirling and bouncing she was doing in my womb, I was worried she would get herself into a tight spot (which by the way, she still manages to do these days).  Ultrasound results showed the umbilical cord coiled around her neck.

On May 28, 2009 at 10:20 a.m., via C-section (just like my first pregnancy), the world welcomed my little princess.  Apparently, our decision to deliver her at that point was right.  This time, with the cord coiled around her neck and body, a strong fundal push was needed for my baby girl to pop out.

When they laid her on my chest, I met for the first time this little girl living in me for 9 months.  She was a  tiny pinkish white bundle and I thought she looked perfect. 

She  is the spitting image of  her father, without a single trace of my features (okay, the  nose is  mine...)  But she really is her Daddy's mini-me, in almost every way.

As she grew into her  toddler years, her  personality began to shine through.  Just like any princess, she loves dresses and ribbons, anything girly and pink.  But make no mistake.  Though she claims to be Cinderella - expectedly demure, sweet, refined, soft-spoken, she is actually more of  Merida - adventurous, independent, headstrong, brave.  Well...the exact opposite of me.

Her delicate Chinadoll features belie what brews within.  At  the age of 2, she baptized herself as "Inggo", a name we have no idea where she got, but which she insisted we call her, a name which I think reflects how astig she can get, when the situation or her mood calls for it.  (Thank  God she has outgrown that name). 

To those who don't know her, she is shy and quiet, perhaps submissive.  To those who do, on the other hand, she is quite a character.  Mischievous, naughty, feisty, strong-willed, stubborn, defiant, pilya are a few adjectives I can come up with.   I have to admit she often gets a scolding as she loves doing the opposite of what we say, testing our patience, elevating the stress levels of those she loves to cross.  She and her Daddy often go head to head.  Being so much alike, what do you expect?  Her Dad  of course emerges the winner, but can never stay mad for too long.  She, in fact, has him wrapped around her little finger, even if he refuses to admit  it.  And why not?  Staring into her face is like looking into the mirror.

While we don't look alike, we share a love for clothes and bags, lipstick and cologne.  Though she defies me at times, I am her number one supporter with whom she shares her silly secrets.  And at the end of a long and tiring day, I love telling both her and her brother bedtime stories as I cuddle them to sleep.

She and her older brother, on the other hand, are as different as night and day.  A playful sister and her serious brother may not always see eye to eye, but they love each other very much.  She may not be as cerebral as her brother, but she is street smart.  As she so aptly put last week, "When I'm with ahia (older brother), I lose the games, but I win the fights."                                                                                                    

She can be a handful, yes, but she is lovable.  My Papa adores her because of her impish ways.  Hers is the first name her Daddy calls out when he gets home from work.  After all, she is malambing, when in the mood, sometimes bordering on karinyo brutal.  But when one gets an extra dose of sweetness, something must be afoot!

When asked what she wants to become when she grows up, she once said she wanted to be a yaya.  A year later, she changed her mind; she wanted to be a Mommy as  mommies have more money to buy stuff.  Now, she tells me she wants to sing and dance.  I just hope it's Lea Salonga she has in mind.

With her artistic and imaginative side, the way she comes up with surprisingly creative and unique pieces from  random objects, I see her dabbling in the arts.

But I  would never impose on her what I want; I  would want her to pursue what makes her happy.  I would discipline her - yes I would, to help her discern right from wrong.  But I would never try  to rein  in her free spirit or tame her feistiness, nor would I suppress her from asserting and  expressing herself (without being disrespectful, of course), especially in an uncertain and cruel world where people take advantage of those who allow to be stepped upon.

I would tell her to love herself and be herself, to come out of her shell and shine to her full potential because I believe there is so much she can do.

My dearest Sofia Georgina Ysabel, you are now 6 years old, with a  long, long way to go, but just remember your favorite Cinderella song, "...if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true."

Daddy, Ahia Yuan and I will be with you every step of the way, as you dance, sing and twirl your way towards life's "happily ever after..."


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